1 thought on “Why Guys Hide Their True Identity?

  1. I believe if a girl knows a guy years I mean a lot of years and tried to be there love him except him no matter what his child life or his life was . Tried to be a friend tried to take trips show him off in public and not was ashamed of him, but problem is hiding rich money one thing to see if he can find love but to make fun. Hide his home, hide being married, hide being bi, hide kids, hide the fact he was not taking me out not being a friend , not even riding a bike, then how you supposed to accept not judge get angry if he has a whole different life and will not accept the love I offered? He did ads commercials porn, so he hid and hurt me left me also oof of the blue no I did not hurt him he did me. So if a nan can at least tell me the truth reason he cannot try to be with ne more then don’t pretend to like me come here in my home and expect me to accept a total stranger .and then get angry do revenge on me and my daughter cause I never hid that I cared about him but he blamed me talking trying to get to know who he was. Want love then be honest about having many different identities

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