Sweet Girl Nail

It’s not new that peoples are not equal when it comes to natural endowment. Some

Most Beautiful Girls In The world

In everyone’s eye, there lies a beauty, no one is ugly. Though people have different

Long Eyelashes

Steps: Get a fresh Aloe Vera Gel plant and squeeze it to get its gel out of it. With a clean Mascara Wand or relating tools, apply some portion of fresh aloe vera gel on your eyelashes and leave it overnight. The next morning, rinse it off completely with lukewarm water. Repeat the process until you get your desire result. Usually, it takes about three to six weeks to get the best result.


Steps: Grind a fresh onion to extract its juice Massage with your hand, the eyebrows with the onion juice in circular motion Allow it to stay on your brows and completely dried off, then wash it off with a cold water afterward

Dark Spot Remover

Ingredient: Tomato fruit (juice) –  One Table Spoon Rice grains - One Table Spoon Tooth paste – Little (Preferably a drop) Coconut oil –  One Table Spoon